Candy Palm trees are a sweet sucess at Birthday Party

On the 3rd of March the Fruity Fountain Team travelled to Solihull for 13 year old Aarons Bar Mitzvah. Not only did we take our stunning 5 tier Milk Chocolate Fountain we also supplied the excited guests with one of amazing Candy Palm Trees, standing tall at 4ft high and covered classic favourites like fried eggs, foam bananas and giant cola bottles Real palm leaves displayed magnificently from the top give the impression of a real palm tree. The guests had a fantastic time choosing their favourites and eating as many as they could, meanwhile their parents indulged in the delicious melted belgian chocolate, strawberries bananas and profiteroles were among the favourites enjoyed during the party! As we packed up to leave the guests were enjoying the music from a live band and looked set to dance the night away!

The sweet sucess of a chocolate fountain at a Tamworth Wedding

On the 18th Of February the Fruity Fountain Team travelled to Tamworth for the wedding of Jay and Samia. When we arrived the guests were still enjoying their dinner so we discreetly set up in a side room , lighting our amazing chocolate fountain display in blue to match the colour scheme. Our large chocolate fountain was accompanied by two large fruit palm trees, with each tree containing over 500 pieces of fruit (a favourite of the bride!) The bride and groom enjoyed the first dip of strawberries drenched in the delicious warm melted chocolate. The remaining guests looked on eagerly, after smelly the aromatic Belgian chocolate they all couldn’t wait for a turn! Marshmallows, donuts, profiteroles and pink wafers were definitely the favourite, fortunately we always bring more than enough so we will never run out! the younger guests, with their parents as helpers enjoyed the sweet treats of chopped bananas and mango dipped (carefully!) into the chocolate! After the guests had had their fill they moved onto the dancing, leaving us to pack up the chocolate fountain and Leave Tamworth!